Who is Steven Reinhardt?

Steven is the descendant of legendary guitar performer Django Reinhardt’s cousin. He is a member of this broad family that carries around the world, generations after generations, a special way of playing music. Listening to Steven’s music is like hearing centuries of Manouche tradition: A way of life, a unique culture.

As he learned guitar with famous artists such as his grand-father Jim Ways or his Uncle Angelo Debarre, Steven grew as an artist with high standards!

In every day life Steven never stops playing! If we consider he really started his career when he was 18, we can quote live shows on stage with artists like Tchavolo Schmidt, Adrien Moignard, Angelo Debarre (of course!), Serge Krief or Samy Daussat…

He has always been considered as one of the young members of the extended family of musicians that nowadays carry the legacy of Django Reinhardt in France and all around the world. And he’s often invited on major events celebrating the memory of Django, such as the “Cent Ans de Django Reinhardt” in 2010 in Paris (France, La Cité de la Musique).

At 28, Steven is now a husband, a father and a fully accomplished artist with his own musical universe. The tracks of his second album Thaissy Bolero sound as a mix of retro and modern. It’s like having a walk in the streets of Paris: Fresh and celebrating life in an out-of-time background universe…

Steven Reinhardt

Photo of young Steven comes from famous Gipsy Swing fan website:

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Steven Reinhardt's first album: L'Esprit Manouche

Steven Reinhardt Trio - L'Esprit Manouche

In 2013 Steven Reinhardt and his former manager decided to record a few tracks to give birth to Steven’s first album: L’Esprit Manouche.

It was performed in trio with Antoine Abed (double bass) and Yannick Bouchiki (rythm guitar).

“Voici un nouveau musicien dans la famille” (“Here’s a new musician in our family“) Angelo Debarre (Steven’s uncle), at the release of Steven reinhardt’s “L’Esprit Manouche”.

This first record was produced by Mathieu Dantec in Pontoise (France) and was sold during two years at every  Steven’s live shows. It is now exhausted. A digital release is planned for 2018.

Videos related to this album:

Since 2016: New musicians, new show, new album!

Steven Reinhardt Quartet - Thaissy Bolero - D3P 2018

In 2016, Steven comes back to Mathieu Dantec to produce his second album, dedicated to his daughter Thaissy.

Production took place in 2017 at 60Bis Studios in Pontoise, France.

This new record is performed in quartet with Antoine Abed (double bass), Benji Winterstein (rythm guitar) and Alban Chapelle (saxophone).

It will be released in february 16th, 2018, on D3P Productions.


More details about the musicians of the quartet coming soon…

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